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The Erythraean Sea in the project FGrHist V (DAI Berlin)

The Project FGrHist V, directed by Prof. Dr. H. J. Gehrke, President of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI, Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Zentrale Berlin), plans an edition, translation, and commentary of the fragments of the ancient geographers. Over a hundred years ago Felix Jacoby was planning this section (V) on geographers within the framework of his major project, the edition and commentary of the ancient Greek historians (Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker = FGrHist); indeed for the Greeks, historiography and geography had been closely connected to each other from the very beginning.

            In the Project FGrHist V, fifty-six scholars from eight countries (Germany, France, Italy, USA, England, Russia, Spain, and Israel) will participate, and they will study ninety-six Greek and Latin authors divided into three main groups: descriptive geography (numbers 2000 to 2054), mathematical geography (numbers 2100 to 2118), and reports of voyages (numbers 2200 to 2220).

            The results of the project will be published first online (Brill Verlag) in three batches (2010-2012), and then in volumes. The project will be coordinated and managed by Dr.Veronica Bucciantini (

            The project FGrHist V will involve some studies of the Periplus maris Erythraei, and these will be conducted by the following researchers: