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Les échanges entre Méditerranée et océan Indien au programme de la Celtic Conference in Classics 2016

La  Celtic Conference in Classics 2016 se déroulera du 22 au 25 juin à Dublin (University College, Dublin) 

Un panel sera consacré à l’étude des échanges antiques entre le monde méditerranéen et l’océan Indien, sous la coordination de Matthew Cobb  et Kyle Erickson.

Programme provisoire (23 et 24 juin)

The Development of the Indian Ocean Trade in Antiquity – responsables: Matthew Cobb (TSD Lampeter) and Kyle Erickson (TSD Lampeter)

  • The Augustan Annexation of Egypt and its Impact on the Indian Ocean Trade. Matthew Cobb (University of Wales Trinity Saint David)
  • Indian Ocean Commerce in Context: The Economic and Revenue Significance of Red Sea trade in the Ancient World Economy. Raoul McLaughlin (Independent Scholar)
  • Currencies, Commodities, and Regimes of Value: South India and the Indian Ocean Trade in Antiquity. Gwendolyn Kelly (Ashoka University)
  • Indian-Ocean Trade: The role of Parthia. Leonardo Gregoratti (Durham)
  • Kottanarike to Malabar and back. Aspects of black pepper trade from antiquity to early modern times. Federico De Romanis (Roma)
  • India and the East at Home: The Reception of Foreign Aromatics in the Roman World. Thomas Derrick (Leicester)
  • Pearls and tortoise shell in the Mediterranean world: some features of the Roman consumption (1st century BC- 2nd century AD). Pierre Schneider (Université d’Artois (Arras) / Maison de l’Orient et de la Méditerranée (Lyon)
  • The Visual Culture of Indian Ocean Trade to 700 CE. Frederick M. Asher (University of Minnesota)
  • The Impact of the Indian Ocean trade on the Ancient Novel. Juan Pablo Sánchez Hernández (Hyderabad)
  • Between Egypt and India, on the Route of the Ancient Novel. Marco Palone (Freiburg)
  • A Universe from an Egg: Cultural Interaction between India and Greece in Myth. Fiona Mitchell (University of Wales Trinity Saint David)