Deux publications récentes

Matthew Adam Cobb (éd.), The Indian Ocean Trade in Antiquity. Political, Cultural and Economic Impacts, London-New York, 2018

Part 1: The Western Indian Ocean: A Developing Trade

  • Chapter 2: From the Ptolemies to Augustus: Mediterranean Integration into the Indian Ocean Trade (Matthew Adam Cobb)
  • Chapter 3: Indian Ocean Trade: The Role of Parthia (Leonardo Gregoratti) Chapter 4: Ethnographies of Sailing: From the Red Sea to the Bay of Bengal in Antiquity (Himanshu Prabha Ray)
  • Chapter 5: Patchworking the West Coast of India: Noes of the ‘Periplus of the Erythaean Sea’ (Federico De Romanis)

Part 2: The Indian Ocean and Cross-Cultural Engagement: People, Commodities, and Society

  • Chapter 6: Indian Ocean Commerce in Context: The Economic and Revenue Significance of Red Sea Trade in the Ancient World Economy (Raoul John McLaughlin)
  • Chapter 7: Erythaean Pearls in the Roman World: Features and Aspects if Luxury Consumption (late second century BCE – second century CE) (Pierre Schneider)
  • Chapter 8: India Abroad: Evidence for Ancient Indian Maritime Activity (Frederick M. Asher)

Part 3: The Indian Ocean Influence on Literary Culture

  • Chapter 9: The Universe from an Egg: Creation Narratives in the Ancient Indian and Greek Texts (Fiona Mitchell)
  • Chapter 10: The Impact of the Indian Ocean Trade on the Ancient Novel (Juan Pablo Sánchez Hernández)
  • Chapter 11: Between Egypt and India: on the Route of the Ancient Novel (Marco Palone)

Matthew Adam Cobb, Rome and the Indian Ocean Trade from Augustus to the Early Third Century CE, Leiden, 2018 (Mnemosyne Supplements, Volume: 418)

  • Introduction
  • The Ptolemies and the Erythra Thalassa
  • Organisation and Finance
  • The Roman State and the Indian Ocean Trade
  • Trade Routes and Merchant Diasporas
  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Rome’s Trade Balance with India
  • The Peak of Roman Trade in the Indian Ocean
  • Conclusion

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